How did the BC Land Summit get started?

The concept of the BC Land Summit emerged from discussions between several land use professions, which were facilitated through a professional roundtable. The mutual benefits of collaborating on a joint conference were soon apparent, and a decision to proceed was taken. During 2002 a partnership was formed, and conference planning began.

The First BC Land Summit Conference in 2004

The first BC Land Summit conference successfully unfolded over three days (May 12th to 14th, 2004), with the participation of over 700 professionals, under sunny skies at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver.

The conference theme was “Working Together For Better Results”. The four sub-theme streams of the conference program included

There were four exciting keynote speakers at the 2004 BC Land Summit:

Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, author, futurist, and academic. Dr. Homer-Dixon made a provocative presentation highlighting what he sees as the key challenges facing modern civilization - energy shortages, terrorism, over-centralization of infrastructure, and climate change - and how these relate to land use.

Dr. Marc Imhoff, Earth observation expert with NASA. Dr. Imhoff gave a visually stimulating presentation of spectacular imagery and data collected from space, which highlighted the many effects of human settlement and activity across the earth.

Andro Linklater, author and journalist, in politics and the arts, science and technology. Andro Linklater's unique presentation explored the historical roots of modern concepts of land and property and the political and economic forces that shaped these concepts.

Roberta Jamieson, Chief of the Six Nations Band in Ontario, conflict resolution and diversity expert. Roberta Jamieson gave a thought provoking presentation - drawing on her experiences as a First Nations leader and legal professional - regarding the challenges and opportunities facing professionals, among others, in addressing conflict resolution, diverse perspectives, and inclusive and constructive processes and approaches to deal with them.

In addition to four keynote speakers, and many concurrent sessions, numerous mobile workshop tours took participants to many locations throughout greater Vancouver.

For more information about the 2004 BC Land Summit, please download the following documents (PDF):